Kickoff Meeting

January 6, 2017

Present Members: Jaclyn, Sarthak, Matt, Sohit, Rohit, Ethan

Present Mentors: Tze-Yee Koh

We gathered on Skype at 11:30 PM tonight Singapore time to witness the day that we’ve been waiting for for months – kickoff day.  Many of our team members are still on winter break holidays.  We were joined today by a beloved alumni, Z, who will hopefully help us more through the season.

The countdown clock made us even more nervous, but the reveal was worth it.  One could hear murmurs of surprise and approval as the game was revealed.  We especially like the idea of the powerups, since it adds an interesting strategy element to the game.

The game manual was released and we quickly downloaded it in case the routers couldn’t handle the stress of over 3000 teams downloading at the same time.  It’s a complex document and we want to make sure that everyone reads it carefully.  We have two days to go through it, and we will meet again on Tuesday when we will discuss the strategy.

Until then, we are suspending all FRC related discussions between team members.  We’d like people to be able to think independently.  Happy reading to all!

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