Game Manual Overview


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Autonomous (15 s)

Cross auto-line 5 pts
Switch ownership 2 + 2pts/sec
Scale ownership 2+ 2 pts/sec
Full alliance cross auto + switch ownership 1 RP

Tele-op (2:15 s) – Climb in final 30 s

Switch Ownership 1 pt + 1 pt/sec
Scale Ownership 1 pt + 1 pt/sec
Cube in vault 5 pts
Parked on Platform 5 pt
Climb (12” elevation) 30 pt
Full alliance climb 1 RP

*you can only earn points for ownership of your alliance’s switch (the one closest to you)

Power Ups (10 seconds)

Force Vault gives alliance ownership of switch (1), scale (2), or both (3)
Boost vault doubles the rate points are earned for switch (1), scale (2), or both (3)
Levitate vault gives a robot a free climb (3)

* only one power up can be played at one time if more than one is requested it will be queued

(applies to both alliances)

** each power up can only be played once per alliance but cubes placed in the vault continue to score points

Win = 2 RP   Tie = 1 RP


Auto-Line is 10’ from wall

Switch and Scale colors randomized at start of each match (can access from FMS at beginning of match String gameData= DriverStation.getInstance().getGameSpecificMessage(); )

– write autonomous code based on robot placement and switch/scale color assignment

Power cube

  • 3.5 lbs
  • 1’ 1” by 1’ 1” by 11”
  • Total Game Pieces: 60
  • cubes that leave field during match are not returned


  • Two switches on the field (1 per alliance)
  • switch plate 3’ by 4’
  • Fence is 1” 6.75” above carpet
  • switch plate range 3” to 15”
  • neutral range between 6”-12”
  • reflective material on switch fence for vision tracking


  • Range of motion (bottom of scale plate) 4’ to 6’
  • Scale plate 3’ by 4’
  • Polycarbonate wall extends 3.5” above scale plate (adjusted range 4’ 3.5” to 6’ 3.5” that manipulator must reach)
  • Neutral ownership range (between 4’ 8” – 5’ 4”)
  • pay attention to placement of cubes (torque matters)


  • 1 1/4” aluminum pipe supported with 2” aluminum box tubing
  • Rung is 80.5” to platform (6’ 8.5”)


  • each platform 8’ 8” by 3’ 5.5”
  • 15.35º ramp (1’ 1”) raises platform 3 1/2” off carpet


  • can be used to deliver cube from robot to human player and vice versa


Foul 5 points credited towards the opponent’s total score
Tech Foul 25 points credited towards opponent’s total score
Yellow Card a warning for rule violations, two yellow cards= red card
Red Card match disqualification
Disabled deactivates robot for rest of match ex. if bumper or robot parts fall off or “dangerous”
Disqualified qualifiers: team receives no match points

playoffs: alliance receives no match points

Yellow Card

  • Wait for green light indicating field safety
  • Never jump over guardrail (ALWAYS EXIT THROUGH GATES)
  • Drive Team may not extend any part body part onto field during match
  • Uncivil to own team members, other teams, or any staff
  • Intentionally losing a match (not playing to ability)
  • delaying match (fixing things, not leaving field, late arrival before a match)
  • robots must be removed from field by hand (no power allowed)
  • entanglement, damage, tipping other robots + Foul
  • Deliberate collisions + foul
  • shutting down major parts of game (blocking exchange, shutting down access to power cubes)
  • using a cell phone to contact someone outside the field during a match
  • technician may not coach
  • sit or stand on power cube

Red card

  • not showing up to match on time
  • do not intentionally detach or leave parts on field
  • interfering with automated hardware (not aligning things properly in vault)


  • Robot must stay in field during match and may not contact anything outside field
  • “Dangerous Robot” (uncontrolled motion, robot parts “flailing” or extending beyond the field, robot dragging battery)


  • passing starting line during autonomous period
  • robot passing into opponent’s zone during autonomous
  • Do not extend body part into chutes
  • robot extended past 16” outside frame perimeter (if intentional then red card)
  • Do not touch a tipped robot
  • Pinning for more than 5 seconds (additional foul per 5 seconds)
  • blocking opponents exchange zone
  • ejecting a power cube from field
  • controlling more than one power cube
  • removing a powercube from opposing alliance’s powercube zone zone
  • removing power cube from vault

Tech Foul

  • climbing on other robot before ENDGAME
  • touching opposing alliances robot during autonomous
  • contacting an opponent in their null zone
  • removing power cube from plate
  • changing position of switch or scale with robot
  • coach may not touch power cube or vault

*if you mess with opposing alliance during endgame when they are in platform, entire opposing alliance’s robots will be considered to have climbed at end of match

Only ONE student represents team when talking to head referee

Match Configuration

  • Start in contact with alliance wall and supporting no more than 1 cube

Robot Rules

  • max robot size 28” by 33” by 55” tall
  • max robot weight 120 lbs excluding bumpers and battery
  • may not extend more than 16” outside frame perimeter
  • Launching must be short and may only occur when: in null territory, touching switch fence, in exchange zone)
  • power cubes must be able to be removed while power is off
  • 30 lbs of withholding allowance

Launching only permitted when…

  • when any part of bumper is touching a switch fence
  • when any part of bumper is in the null zone
  • when any part of bumper is inside alliance exchange zone

Drive Team (5 people)

  • 1 Coach (hands off the controls)
  • 3 Drivers/Human Player (alliance station or alliance portal)
  • 1 Technician (Stay outside alliance station and portals and may not communicate with drive team or coach during match)


– Each corner must be protected by at least 6”

– Bumpers must be contained less than 7” above the ground

– Entire bumper must be easily removable, and bumper covers must be easily switched out   (removable with 2 ppl in under 5 minutes)

  • Solid white team number at least 4” high and 1/2” thick on EACH side
  • Weight less than 20 lbs

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