First Planning Meeting

Friday, December 8, 2017

Present Members: Jaclyn, Sarthak, Matt, Rohit, Owen, Sohit, Jonna, Ethan, Andrea, Shivastu

Present Mentors: —-

Today, we went over the basics for the upcoming season to come.  We started by setting out a schedule for work.  We want to maximize the amount of time that we get working due to our limited schedule (6 weeks before Bag & Tag, minus a week for interim and with some team members out for winter break during the first week).  Our current meeting plan is as follows:

  • Monday at lunch (11:35 AM to 12:10 PM) every week to plan
  • Every day after school from 6 PM to 9 PM as build time
  • Extra time on Saturday morning

The next thing that we discussed was the plan for specific work plans.  Ethan will be spearheading our strategy and scouting plan, while Jonna will focus on the chairman’s video.  Andrea will focus on the Entrepreneurship Award.  Rohit and Jaclyn will work on the Chairman’s essay and the work surrounding it.

Below is our general season schedule.  School wouldn’t have opened during kickoff week so we will have to schedule some outside meetings.  We can’t wait until school starts to get started building.  We want to have a solid design first.  While still in the preseason, some of our members have also been working with the old drive base to make sure it’s available for prototyping.

We’re looking forward to a solid season.

Team Calendar

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