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Sunday, December 3, 2017

We’re on our way home from a robotics tournament in Taipei and we’re super hyped for the upcoming FRC season.  Since we have too much time and not enough to do, we decided to theorize what the FRC game might be based on the content of the teaser.

Based on the zoom in on the feet in the teaser, we think that the game might include a climbing element.  We also noticed that the water bottle in the girl’s backpack suggested some water element in the game.  The other thing that we saw was the climax, where the girl inserts a coin into the machine.  This suggests an insert of some kind.  Will it be an actual coin?  We think not.  Rather, we imagine a frisbee or other larger representation of a coin.  Throw or insert – that is the question.

We notice that when the coin is inserted, the person is sucked into the arcade machine.  Does the human player get activated when the “coin” is inserted?  There seem to be knobs on the machine, so maybe the robot has to play an arcade game.  We also infer from this year’s FTC game that there is likely some sort of visual recognition challenge.  This will really play to our strengths as a programming team.

Our team elders tell us to stop theorizing since we will invariably be wrong.  All will be revealed January 9th.

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